Huchi Hive

A Radical Approach To Bee Conservation

Harnessing and conserving the sweet returns of the Honey Bee

HuchiHive is a conservation enterprise that aims to contribute to the protection of honey bees which are critical to our food security and the ecological balance.
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How We Do It

Bee Tracker

Our bee tracking devices are tiny backpacks attached to the bees to track their activities outside the hive. These trackers will deliver data-driven insights on foraging, productivity and pollination among bees and an understanding of factors causing Colony Collapse Disorder which threatens the survival of the honey bees.

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Smart Hives

Our smart beehives make it easy for the beekeeper to remotely monitor a colony’s health. Our live sensor stations can track and monitor hive temperature, humidity and the buzzing of the bees which carries a lot of meaning. The scale can detect the hive’s weight changes, an indication of varying events within the colony. Ultimate result – improved productivity due to healthy colonies as beekeepers are equipped with timely information to give their bees what they need at the appropriate time!
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Insights Portal

We provide data driven insights gathered through employing HuchiHive bee tracking and smart hives which has positive impact on apiary productivity
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Marketing Access & Linkages

Our Africa wide database, market linkages and supply chain tracking technology guarantees a ready market to supply traceable export quality honey and beekeeping products.
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Meet The Team Redefining Bee Conservation

Co-Founder & CEO

Terence Chambati

Co-Founder & CIO

Elton Mutize

Co-Founder & COO

Vimbai-Nashe Mugore

Product Development Consultant

Zoubeir Emambokus


Brenda Obong

Technical Advisor

Dr. Albert Mubako

Strategy Advisor

Gladys Kavuma

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The Untapped Potential Of Africa’ Honey Bees


The Untapped Potential Of Africa’ Honey Bees


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