Bad Beehaviour Part 2: Anti-Robbing Techniques

March 18, 2019by Brenda Ajok Obong0

In the previous article we talked about what robbing is and how to prevent it from  happening to your colonies. Acting like it’s not going to happen to you is probably not a good idea. At Huchi capital we recommend a good dose of anti-robbing techniques. This can help you identify and curb it before it starts. Down below are a few strategies that might be effective, take a look!

  • Always be vigilant on the type of bees you keep. The Italian bees rob more often than other subspecies so you should keep a watchful eye for them.
  • Hives that are queenless are vulnerable and more prone to being robbed. Try as much as you can to have your hives queenright as the dry season approaches/robbing season. This can also be in the summer.
  • Because small or weak hives are prime targets for robbing and therefore vulnerable, you should consider combining your small hives before a nectar dearth (shortage of nectar).
  • Robbing screens allow the resident bees to get in and out while discouraging the robbers. These are  especially valuable for use on weaker hives that you do not want to combine.
  • When you start to notice signs of less nectar it is time to reduce size of entrances. This allows bees to be able to successfully defend their hive especially if they have a large enough population and a small enough entrance
  • The Boardman honey bee feeder is a quick and easy entrance feeder for both wooden and Beemax hives. However, entrance feeders promote robbing more than other feeders. This could be because the food source is so near the hive opening.

Brenda Ajok Obong

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